Lock-In-Tool — A Tool To Make An Unpleasant Job Easier

Spiral wrist pin locks and wire wrist pin locks are notorious for difficult installation. The Lock-In-Tool makes installing wire wrist pin locks and spiral wrist pin locks a breeze! What used to take hours of frustration, can now take only seconds with the Lock-In-Tool. Not only does the Lock-In-Tool ease installation, it also avoids piston damage, broken and bent locks, and injury to your fingers and fingertips.

To learn more about how to use the Lock-In-Tool and it's ease of use, you can visit our "how to use" page, where we have step by step instructions and a video demonstration of the Lock-In-Tool in action.

The Lock-In-Tool makes installing spiral pin locks & wire pin locks as easy as 1-2-3!

Easy as 1-2-3[D]

New innovations! Introducing The Lockbuster Toolkit

The Lockbuster

Remove spiral pin locks easier and faster than ever. Spiral pin locks are well known for their difficulty of removal. The Lockbuster makes removing spiral pin locks simple. What used to take hours of frustration, now takes mere seconds. The Lockbuster is available in two sizes, .927 and .990. The tool handle is engineered so that each tool head is interchangeable. The Lockbuster tool with one head costs $110.00, each additional head is $82.00. For more information call 704-843-5477 or contact us by email.