How to use the Lock-In-Tool

We've produced an instructional video detailing the usage of the Spiral Lock and Wire Lock versions of the Lock-In-Tool. Detailed, printable instructions are available for the Spiral Lock-In-Tool and Wire Lock-In-Tool on the same page.

How to purchase the Lock-In-Tool

Simple! Go to our purchase page. The Lock-In-Tool is available in many popular sizes.

Precision Engine Magazine Article

Article from December 2004 issue of Precision Engine Magazine - Volume 3 Number 6

Precision Engine Magazine produced an article in December of 2004 detailing the build of a street rod themed motor. During the engine build process, the Lock-In-Tool was used to install spiral locks in their project engine featured in the article.

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Circle Track Magazine Article

Article from January 2008 issue of Circle Track Magazine

For engine builders, the racing world is filled with fantastic components that are designed to produce maximum power without sacrificing durability. But that doesn't mean that everything is always fun and filled with sunshine. Take, for example, floating wristpins for racing pistons...

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