Rendering of Lock-In-Tool during conceptual process[D]

About the inventor of the Lock-In-Tool... (Patent# 7,080,432)

The Lock-In-Tool was designed by Clyde Norwood, owner of Precision Engine Service, Waxhaw N.C.

Clyde Norwood's Background...

Clyde has a passion for racing and started building engines in the late 1950’s. In 1970 he opened Precision Engine Service and worked as a mechanic, engine builder and machinist. Through the years his business became more racing and high performance engines due to his success at building reliable engines with winning horsepower.

The mechanic work eventually went away and Precision Engine Service became a high performance machine shop and engine building facility. The clientele ranged from street-rodders to drag racers with the primary customer base being circle track racers. In the 1990’s Clyde became a prominent engine builder for the NASCAR Goody’s Dash Series. In 1994 he received the NASCAR Goody’s Dash Series Championship Mechanic award and was the engine builder for the 1994 and 2002 NASCAR Goody’s Dash Series Points Champions.

Rendering of Lock-In-Tool during conceptual process[D]

The Lock-In-Tool is born...

It was in 2001 when Clyde decided to make a tool to facilitate the installation of wrist pin spiral locks. After seeing how well it worked, he showed the tool to a few of his fellow engine builders who all agreed it was a great tool that was very much needed by all high performance engine builders. With that in mind Clyde decided to expand his original design idea and add an installation tool for the wire lock wrist pin locks as well. Both tools were placed into service at several of the prominent NASCAR shops. Now the tools were gaining in popularity.

The Lock-In-Tool receives rave reviews...

The next step was Clyde deciding to make the tools available to the entire engine building industry. After receiving rave reviews from all of the buyers of both the spiral and wire lock installation tools, he decided to make a plastic version of each tool. The target market for the plastic tools is the piston manufactures. This would assist their customers with the tough task of installing spiral and wire locks.